Terms and Conditions


Terms & conditions


Affiliation as a member is open to associations promoting bioenergy as well as enterprises related to bioenergy such as producers of biofuels (solid, liquid, and gaseous), processors, traders, handling and transport entrepreneurs, farmers, consumers, and equipment manufacturers as well as organisations engaged in research, education, training, consulting, or certification.

Individuals may affiliate as individual supporters. Persons employed by enterprises active in the field of bioenergy can only become individual supporters if the related enterprise is also member of WBA unless the Board decides to accept an exception of this rule. 

Member application

Applications for membership are received by the Secretariat and shall be submitted to the Board. The Board reserves the right to admit or refuse an application for membership. In the case of a refused application, the applicant may apply to the GA for a reversal of the decision.

Members must pay an annual fee related to their category and size laid down in the membership fee regulation. Changes to this regulation can be proposed by the Board and require approval by the GA before coming into force. In exceptional circumstances, the Board can decide upon a member’s request to reduce that member’s membership fee.



Membership fees should be paid at the start of the financial year or in receipt of invoice with terms of payment. Failure to pay the membership fee inspite of repeated reminders will lead to revoking of the membership and will affect any future applications for membership. 


To terminate your membership, application in writing should be received to the secretariat (info@worldbioenergy.org) with the following information: Name, Membership Type, Reasons for termination. The application should be received by September of the current year. 

Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed by WBA according to our Data Privacy Policy. Please read the document carefully here: Link