27 September 2021: Bioenergy and Net Zero – sustainability in a world of scaled-up modern bioenergy


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20 September 2021: Agricultural Residues Valorisation – Opportunities with Torrefaction

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30 June 2021: Lessons so far – the role of sustainable bioenergy in displacing fossil fuels

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18 May 2021: Lithuania - A unique success story of biomass replacing fossil fuels 



13 April 2021: Latest developments in densification of agricultural residues for energy. 

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26 Jan 2021 - National experiences related to policies and regulations supporting the use of agricultural residues as source of energy.

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09 Dec 2020 - Agricultural residues as key ingredient for a bioenergy future: Latest combustion technologies

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12 Nov 2020 - Sustainable Biomass - Understanding its role in the forest value chain and preserving biodiversity.