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World Bioenergy Association

The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) has a mission to promote the sustainable development of bioenergy on a global level. We are a global community for bioenergy stakeholders with a membership base of more than 250 members from over 60 countries. Members include national and regional associations, equipment manufacturers, biofuel producers, research institutes and individuals.

Member Benefits

  1. Contribute to the global development of bioenergy and influence policy at national/regional level
  2. Be well informed about latest technological developments in the bioenergy field
  3. Get access to latest and reliable market data for bioenergy technologies and products
  4. Collaborate with WBA in working groups, webinars, projects, and conferences.
  5. Participate in WBA endorsed bioenergy events worldwide with member exclusive discounts
  6. Be a part of the global bioenergy community by gaining access to WBA’s network

Member Categories

  • Affiliation as a full member is open to different kinds of bioenergy associations dealing with a single fuel or a broader field.
  • Affiliation as an associated member is open to different enterprises and organisations including, but not limited to, producers of biofuels (solid, liquid and gaseous), processors, traders, handling and transport entrepreneurs, farmers, consumers and equipment manufacturer as well as to those engaged in research, education, training, consulting, certifying, promoting and advocacy related to biofuels.
  • Individuals may affiliate as individual member who are supporters of WBA.