WBA works to raise awareness about the sustainable utilization of bioenergy. The resources section includes all our relevant publications:

The Global Bioenergy Statistics (GBS) report is the main annual publication of WBA. The report provides data on the global development of biomass to energy.

Factsheets present an unbiased overview of bioenergy technologies and are a guiding tool for policy makers, researchers and companies.

WBA publishes reports on various issues of bioenergy including sustainability, biofuels, land use, biogas etc.

The Sustainability Verification Scheme sets rules for guiding stakeholders to establish an acceptable management for collecting biomass for energy.

One of our main activity is to set up bioenergy associations worldwide. The guide informs associations to engage actors in the whole bioenergy supply chain.

The objective of WBA Bioenergy magazines is keeping track on the development of WBA as an organization along with developments in the bioenergy field.

Finally, access a collection of images in the gallery showing our experiences in promoting bioenergy on the global scale.