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2024 October 22 - 2024 October 24

BBEST- IEA Bioenergy Conference

Date: 22-24 October, 2024
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Website: https://bbest-ieabioenergy.org
The 2024 Conference follows the successful track of the previous four BBEST events that started in 2011, with the goal of putting together international scientists to discuss the most up-to-date science and policies on bioenergy. This time, the partnership with IEA Bioenergy will bring new elements to the international scenario as the urgency of climate change becomes more relevant and the role of bioenergy increasingly important. At the same time, local and regional policies and regulations grow in complexity, making it essential to find strategies that suit the various dimensions of the discussion on sustainable ways to produce bioenergy.
With this in mind, BBEST – IEA Bioenergy Conference 2024 is organizing a scientific and policy agenda that covers all facets of bioenergy, from success cases and lessons learned to new technologies, bioproducts, sustainability, environmental impacts, and social development. Topics of interest encompass the wide range of feedstock, including wastes, that can be turned into bioenergy, using conventional and novel technologies. The Conference will also highlight bioenergy fit for road, air, and sea transport as well as bioelectricity and biogas.
The Conference Program will include keynote lectures by renowned speakers, plenary and parallel sessions for scientists and companies to present and discuss original research on different topics, and space for students to show their projects. The Conference site is designed to promote a rich environment for learning, networking, and interaction among delegates. Therefore, BBEST-IEA-Bioenergy 2024 is the place to be if you are interested in bioenergy.
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