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2024 February 27

Webinar 1: Modern renewable heat using biomass for industries

Registration: Link
Date: February 27, 2024

Time: 11:00 CET

Industrial CO2 emissions have increased by approximately 70% since 2000. In 2022, the industry sector was directly responsible for a quarter of the global energy system's CO2 emissions. According to the IEA, industrial emissions must decrease by almost a quarter by 2030, or approximately 3% per year on average, to achieve the NZE Scenario. This requires accelerated action at all levels.

A significant portion of industrial emissions result from the utilization of fossil fuels for generating process heat. Consequently, it is essential to decarbonize this part of the sector to mitigate industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, bioenergy stands as the primary non-fossil source for industrial process heat. To grasp the potential of biomass-based solutions for supplying industrial heat, it is crucial to examine the technological requirements of the process, assess local feedstock availability, and establish suitable fuel logistics systems.

The World Bioenergy Association and Bioenergy International are delighted to invite you to their first webinar "Modern Renewable Heat using Biomass for Industries" as part of the 2024 Spring Webinar Series.

This session will explore the various pathways for replacing fossil heat demand with biomass in industries such as steel, aluminum, beverage, food, cement, etc. The webinar will also discuss the latest technology developments and policy and regulatory frameworks that may impact these industries. Leading industry experts will share case studies of existing projects worldwide, as well as future opportunities for advancing decarbonization in industries using modern biomass heat.