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2023 December 14

World Bioenergy Association leads global advocacy for bioenergy at COP28

Recap of WBA activities at COP28 in Dubai  

The COP28 is one of the most critical COP’s as it is the venue for the first Global Stocktake where countries review their progress and raise ambition towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. The urgency and importance of the challenge was evident when it was revealed that almost 100 000 delegates registered to attend – making it the largest COP in the history. At such critical moment, it was important for the bioenergy stakeholders to showcase the tremendous progress of the sector and the World Bioenergy Association led the efforts by organizing various events, speaking at different sessions, and engaging in bilateral discussions. Here is a short recap of our advocacy.



03/12: Press Conference – The crucial role of bioenergy in a 1.5 deg C future 

WBA organized an official press conference on 03rd December to highlight the role of bioenergy in a future renewable and net zero scenario. The session included interventions from Dr. Christian Rakos on the global development of bioenergy. It was followed by interventions from the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry and Bioenergy Association (UNICA) on the role sugarcane ethanol plays in decarbonizing transport as well as the electricity system in Brazil as well as an intervention from Pellet Mexico Bioenergia on how bioenergy solves the challenge of environmental degradation as well as fossil fuel dependence by utilizing residues and replacing heating in hard to abate sectors in Mexico.  

The complete press conference can be viewed here: Link 

03/12: Side Event – Rapidly mobilizing renewable energy resources for a just global energy transformation 

The REN Alliance partners including International Solar Energy Society (ISES), World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), World Bioenergy Association (WBA) and International Hydropower Association (IHA) got together for a side event on rapidly mobilizing the renewable energy resources. It was one of the rare events where some of the leading RE industry and research associations presented the progress of their technologies, socio economic benefits of a renewable energy system as well as opportunities for working together. The session also included an opening speech from CAN International.  

The side event can be viewed again here: Link 

05/12 REAction Pavilion – Mobilizing biomass sustainably for meeting global climate goals 

Together with the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA, UK), WBA organized a very important session on mobilizing biomass sustainably. As is evident from various pathways proposed by international agencies such as IEA and IRENA, bioenergy is expected to play a key role in supporting the energy transformation in all end use sectors including electricity, heat, mobility, chemicals etc. The session convened speakers from Australia, UK, Germany, and Mexico to inform the audience about the challenges faced by the sector in their respective regions as well as steps needed to ensure we unlock the potential for mobilizing the biomass needed to match the scale and pace of the energy transformation.  

04 – 06/12 Exhibition Space 

The WBA shared the progress of bioenergy sector in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement as part of the Global Stocktake as well as the opportunity from a rapid and at scale deployment of sustainable bioenergy technologies in a just energy transformation for improved health and environment. At the exhibition space, WBA met with stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds and regions including private sector, civil society, research, and governments from all continents.  

Apart from the various activities, WBA also participated in invited discussions including a high-level roundtable with Indian business leaders, a panel discussion on harnessing biofuels for transport in Brazil, as well as bilateral engagements with private sector and industry groups.