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2023 August 29

Webinar - Bioenergy development in Asia

Date: 29 August 2023

The presentations collectively provided a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges in utilizing biomass resources for renewable energy within Asian countries. By exploring different technologies, policies, and market trends, the speakers highlighted how biomass can play a crucial role in reducing reliance on conventional energy sources, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting sustainable development in the region. The webinar featured expert speakers from China and Japan, who shared their insights on the potential of biomass in shaping Asia's sustainable energy mix.  

Takanobu Aikawa, Senior researcher at the Renewable Energy Institute in Japan focused on the potential of biomass within the bioenergy mix in Japan, covering policies, trends, competitiveness, and market opportunities. Meanwhile, Guangqing Liu, Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, discussed biomass deployment within clean cooking and heating in rural China, highlighting various technologies, biomass potential, policies, standards, and case studies. 

Overall, the webinar served as a platform to explore the vast potential of biomass in Asia and provided attendees with valuable knowledge and insights to further advance the deployment of bioenergy in their respective regions. 


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