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2023 February 20

Role of Bioenergy in Spain and Beyond

Date: 20 February 2023

Time: 19.00 CET

Location: SPIREC Conference, IFEMA Fair, Madrid (Website

We are happy to be supporting the upcoming REN21 Spain International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC), in Madrid, where we will host a side event on the 20th of February. Alongside with AVEBIOM, we will share the best examples of biomass heat as a renewable option in industries and residential end use sectors.

After an initial presentation on the role of bioenergy globally and in Spain, invited experts from companies offering services to industries and collective residential heating will share their practical examples on implementing biomass heating solutions to replace fossil fuels.

Key topics to be addressed include district heating as an efficient solution, expanding the feedstock base for bioenergy by efficient use of agro biomass and the current regulatory challenges for biomass in Europe. The session will be of great importance to countries with high RE targets and with high availability of agro biomass in Asia and Africa. 

Sustainable bioenergy impacts key themes of SPIREC. Replacing gas with biomass has provided energy security for many European countries in the current crisis. Bioenergy is critical in meeting renewable energy demand and supplygoals while its deployment is a critical component of just transition as it promotes local economic development.


Global overview of bioenergy development: Christian Rakos, President, World Bioenergy Association

Overview of biomass development in Spain: Pablo Rodero, Project Manager, AVEBIOM and President, European Pellet Council

Agrobiomass as feedstock for power generation in Spain: Rubén Hornero, Supply Chain Director Trading Unit, Magnon Green Energy (ENCE) and Esteban Santirso, Trading Manager, Magnon Green Energy (ENCE)

Successful development of district heating network in Spain: Emilio López, General Manager, Recursos de la Biomassa (REBI)

Panel Discussion and audience Q&A