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2022 May 09

Annual Report 2021

Download the Annual Report here: Link 

The year 2021 was particularly successful for the World Bioenergy Association. At the start of the year, we were able to sign a partnership with the leading international bioenergy trade publication Bioenergy InternationalWith this partnership, our members receive weekly newsletters along with free subscription to the print and digital version of the magazines – all included in the membership fee. 

Among publications, our annual bioenergy statistics showcases the development of the sector in the year 2021 while the new factsheet on bioenergy and net zero highlights the critical role of the sector in a net zero future. 

The membership support also enabled us to undertake 5 webinars in 2021 on topics related to: national experiences on using agro residues, densification technologies, national experiences on bioenergy (Lithuania), valorization and developments in biomethane. All videos and presentations are available on our homepage: Webinars

Partnerships are integral to the development of the sector. Along with ITN Productions Industry News, we co-produced ‘Bioenergy for the future’ – a series of videos looking at innovations in the sector. We were more vocal in our international advocacy by publishing articles in leading news publications including Politico (Why Europe needs bioenergy?) and Financial Times (Growing the bioeconomy). In partnership with leading global industries in the biomass to pellets value chain, WBA organized webinars (Role of sustainable bioenergy and Bioenergy and Net Zero). 

Finally, at the UNFCCC COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, WBA along with leading bioenergy stakeholders organized side events, press conferences and webinars (Link) as well as the launch of the Glasgow Declaration on Sustainable Bioenergy