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2021 October 13

WBA Webinar: Scaling up biomethane on the pathway to a net-zero future

Date: 13 October 2021

Time: 11.00 - 12.30 CEST

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Biomethane, produced from upgrading of biogas or gasification of biomass, provides a means to decarbonise multiple end uses: from industry, mobility, to the gas supply to homes and businesses. What´s more it is a true ´circular economy´ solution that offers a range of further benefits including rural development, enhanced waste management and better control of methane emissions from waste and agriculture. 

However, aside from a few pioneering markets, biomethane´s global potential remains untapped. This could be about to change. Governments are scaling up their ambition to tackle climate change with commitments to reach net-zero emissions by the mid-century, with many private sector organisations following suit with stronger corporate social responsibility commitments.  

Biomethane is among a leading range of low carbon solutions which needs an accelerated scale up to match these ambitions. According to the International Energy Agency´s Net-zero Emissions by 2050 scenario, globally biomethane needs to grow more than eight-fold in the next ten years.  

In this context, this webinar aims to showcase the latest global developments and best practices in the field of biomethane, covering new market trends, innovative polices and technology advances.

Speakers include representatives from International Energy Agency (IEA), European Biogas Association (EBA), Nature Energy, Veolia, Indian Biogas Association, IEA Bioenegy TCP, Eni, Enagas and Scania etc. 

Agenda to be updated soon.

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