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2018 December 19

WBA welcomes the finalization of Paris Rulebook

World Bioenergy Association welcomes the finalization of the Paris Rulebook at COP24 in Katowice, Poland. The Paris Rulebook provides guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and it is a clear indication of the willingness of nations around the world to pursue efforts to combat climate change. WBA appreciates the efforts of the Polish President and his team along with UNFCCC for hosting and concluding negotiations.

At COP24, the message was clear. Research community has issued its warning already. The recent IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 deg celsius provides a clear indication of the drastic efforts required to decarbonize our energy sector as a whole and clear pathway to achieve the transition. Time is running out and researchers implored the policy makers to raise ambition and speed up the renewable energy transition. At the same time, civil society has taken over the mantle to push politicians to be ambitious.  

For Bioenergy, it is clear that it will play an important role in the transition. Solid Biomass for heat and electricity, liquid biofuels for transport and biogas are cost effective, dispatchable and sustainable options to replace fossil fuels. As pointed out in the IPCC Report, ‘The use of bioenergy can be as high or even higher when BECCS is excluded compared to when it is included due to its potential for replacing fossil fuels across sectors (high confidence)’.

WBA along with our board and members was active in informing and advocating for bioenergy to civil society, researchers, businesses and policy makers at COP24:

  • We organized a press conference on the role of bioenergy in a 1.5 deg scenario (Link)
  • A side event along with our REN Alliance partners focussed on the role of renewables working together. (Link)
  • We were present in pavilions around COP with speeches & interviews on bioenergy.
  • WBA had a stand at the exhibition hall informing delegates about bioenergy
  • We organized the World Bioenergy Forum 2018 along the sidelines of COP24

We were glad to have the support of bioenergy associations and private sector in reinforcing our message. At the same time, we request increased participation from civil society, private sector and research community working on bioenergy at these international events.

Even though the Paris Rulebook was finalized, issues still remain. Year 2019 will be crucial when countries will be invited to submit more ambitious targets. The climate pledges of nations – as per their NDC’s (Nationally Determined Contributions) leads to warming above 3 deg. More ambition is required from all nations and the ambition is to be followed by concrete action on the ground. Support policies including carbon pricing and financial support to low carbon technologies should be implemented. Technology and knowledge transfer among countries should be increased and support to already vulnerable countries should be increased to mitigate and adapt to climate change and its impacts. Time is running out.

Actions and efforts should start now!   

Information about COP24 is available here: Link. COP25 will be held in Chile.

Download the news here (Doc, Pdf)