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2018 October 15

WBA publishes Bioenergy Magazine Issue nr. 6

World Bioenergy Association is pleased to announce the publication of our latest ‘Bioenergy’ Magazine. The latest issue (Nr. 6) deals with the trends and developments in the bioenergy sector globally.

Feature articles deal with the machinery and equipment used currently for the bioenergy sector. The various myths and misconceptions about bioenergy from native forests to agricultural residues (e.g. straw) are answered with facts and physical evidence. One of the fastest growing bioenergy sectors is pellets and the world trade in biomass leaps forward as shown in the magazine. Sustainable biomass supply has to be increased to meet climate and energy goals and a feature article shows how to efficiently manage biomass supply globally.

 “The launch of BIOENERGY magazine is another initiative to unite the world in favour of global bioenergy development and help companies, researchers, and politicians consolidate their efforts to achieving a better, cleaner world. For example, leading countries with well- developed sustainable bioenergy show that bioenergy can serve as an environmentally friendly solution that also creates jobs and improves national energy independence.” – says Remigijus Lapinskas, President, World Bioenergy Association.

A highlight of the magazine is a feature article with the CEO of Enviva who informs about future projections, emerging markets, sustainability and certification, policies along with the challenges facing the largest pellet producer in the world. Also, Enerstena Group of Companies, Lithuania (Official Supporter of WBA) show how biomass is a reliable and a stable energy option to replace coal fired power plants with an interesting case study.

Finally, Sweden is a world leader with an impressively high share of renewables in the energy sector with a target to be one of the world’s first fossil fuel free nation. The final article showcases how the success story of bioenergy in the country provides an important lesson for other countries on how the sustainable development of bioenergy can help a nation reduce its energy imports, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the environment.

The magazine is free to download on the WBA website here: (

Download the press release here (Doc, Pdf)

WBA expresses gratitude to our official magazine publishers: Matrix Group Publishing Inc., Canada.

Note: If you are interested to contribute with an article for the future issues of the magazine or promote your company and product as an advertiser, please contact:

World Bioenergy Association

+46 8 441 70 84