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2018 March 01

WBA signs agreement to promote bioenergy in Croatia

World Bioenergy Association and Croatian Biomass Association (CROBIOM) signed and published the Bioenergy Agreement as a guideline for the development of bioenergy in Croatia towards 2030. The agreement was signed on 27th February 2018 on the occasion of the 8th International Wood Energy Conference in Zagreb which was attended by WBA President Remigijus Lapinskas.

More than 230 leading bioenergy experts of forestry, agriculture, the heating, transport and power sector, as well as science and technology providers from Croatia, the southeast Europe and 9 other EU-member states, met in Zagreb to discuss the future of bioenergy. Thematic emphasis was put on the implementation of the REDII directive and the market position of biomass and wood fuels, as well as the new technologies, CHP plants’ quotas, trends in pellet and biomass exports and the greater use of EU funds.  

The agreement has the following guidelines for developing bioenergy:

  • Phase out of fossil fuels by 2040 in Europe

The Paris declaration sets out a new framework for climate policy and Europe should lead the way in the transition to a 100% renewable energy society

  • Increased mobilization of sustainable biomass

Increased use of biomass requires a proactive policy from Croatia which should include incentives for energy crops, use of abandoned land and better use of waste and byproducts

  • Increased pellet consumption

Annual production of pellets in Croatia exceeds 280 000 tonnes. But the market still faces challenges and there is a need for education and strengthening cooperation  

  • Transformation of the heat sector

Heat supply for district heating should be converted step by step to fossil free sources such as waste heat from industry, biomass combustion, solar thermal installations etc.  

  • Introduction of carbon pricing

Possibility of introducing carbon prices should be considered which would encourage increased use of biomass and renewables in the overall energy system

Read the signed agreement here: Link

Download the news item here (Doc, Pdf)