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2009 September 04

Svebio: Bioenergy bigger than nuclear and hydro in Sweden

This increase of Bioenergy is one reason Sweden has been able to reduce it's green house gas emission with 9% since 1990.

The supply of Bioenergy into the Swedish energy system will this year be 125 TWh. At the same time the supply from nuclear and hydro will together stand for 124 TWh, shows a recently published follow-up of the Swedish energy statistics by the Swedish Energy Agency.

– The steady growth of Bioenergy is the single most important reason for the development of Sweden’s sustainable energy system, says Mr Gustav Melin, President of the Swedish Bioenergy Association. During the last 20 years Bioenergy has grown at a rate of 3,3 TWh/pa, this is eqvivalent to a decrease of 6,400 m3 of fossil fuel-oil per week!

The share of Bioenergy in Sweden has increased rapidly from 40 TWh/pa in the late seventies to 125 TWh/pa today. All according to a recent pressrelease from the Swedish Bioenergy Association.

Read more (in Swedish): here