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2009 October 23

Bioenergy as part of a sustainable energy future

Building a mix of sustainable energy sources demands cooperation and coordination among a number of renewable energy technologies and techniques.

"The future of the world depends on achieving 100 percent renewable energy,” said Peter Rae, chairman of the International Renewable Energy Alliance (REN-Alliance), speaking recently at the Solar World Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa’s ITWeb reported.

The REN-Alliance includes groups representing five crucial renewable energy areas: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and bioenergy.

Rae emphasized the importance of having the different energy sources work together.

“As with music, one needs to combine the instruments to produce a symphony; we need orchestration, and this is why we have gathered together the associations now producing the symphony of renewables,” he said.

Heinz Kopetz, board member of World Bioenergy Association, added that there are a number of promising ways to combine bioenergy and solar energy.

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