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2010 November 26

Bioenergy in Zambia

The mission was carried out by board members of WBA in collaboration with the members and board of Zambian Bioenergy Association (ZBA), 7 June – 13 June 2010.
The overall objective of the mission was to share knowledge and experience, and collect information on bioenergy to find out if Zambia could be established as a model for sustainable bioenergy development in the African region. The aim is to support an equitable and sustainable development of bioenergy in Zambia. A specific objective was to learn about the conditions for Zambian farmers for a broader understanding how bioenergy could benefit them. 

The initiative to the mission came from Jennipher Handoondo, who wants to promote cooperation between WBA and Zambia bioenergy initiatives. WBA had many different meetings and visits in Zambia, and in total met with around 60 persons: farmers, farmers representatives, companies, specialists. Meetings were held with members of ZBA, the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka, an owner of a medium-sized farm with intercropping, a cash-crop farmer specialised on tobacco, and a small scale farmer who grows for own living. 

The Travel Report includes information about the different Study Tours and Bioenergy conference, facts about Zambia, land use and bioenergy etc, information about an integrated demonstration project for biofuels based on Jatropha and much more.  

The Travel Report is excusive to WBA members only.

Please contact Karin Haara or Kent Nystrom for more information.