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2010 December 09

WBA proposal to the president of the COP H. E. Ms. Patricia Espinosa

WBA have composed a proposal for a CANCUN initiative
Dear Ms. President,
We thank you for the interesting and exciting meeting with President Calderon of Mexico in the Moon Palace on Monday 6 Dec 2010.  We also congratulate you for the excellent organization of this conference. The discussion during the meeting with the President gave us the idea to write this letter.
The purpose of this letter is to present the following proposal:
1)     Cancun should formulate a very clear and strong message to the global society saying: the fast and accelerated reduction of the combustion of fossil fuels, be it for electricity, heat or transportation, is the most important contribution to slow down global warming.
2)     Cancun should become the starting point for a global competition, so to say a peaceful race among the parties (nations) on a voluntary basis to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels as rapid as possible. Each year a kind of award “the Cancun award” should be given to that country that reached the biggest progress in reducing the combustion of fossil fuels.
3)     Simultaneously the deployment of all forms of renewable energies sources (RES) – PV, concentrated solar power, solar thermal, biomass, biogas, bio-fuels, wind, hydro, geothermal and other new forms - should be speeded up dramatically as well as the efforts to improve the efficiency of the energy system.
4)     An important step to start this energy revolution would be to delete all forms of subventions for fossil fuels, to reduce all government support for new fossil fuel infrastructures such as harbors, pipelines or carbon capture and storage (CCS) and to spend all these so saved money and additional money coming from a new tax on C02 for the support of renewable energies and energy efficiency. 
Read the letter here.