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2011 April 12

WBA President Kent Nyström at The Next Generation Power & Renewables Summit Europe 2011

WBA President Kent Nyström is attending The Next Generation Power & Renewables Summit Europe in Budapest, Hungary, 12 - 14 April, as one of the work-shops leaders. Here is his message:

Tools to Increase the Utilization of Sustainable Biomass for Energy

There were not many positive results from the UN climate conference, COP 16, in Cancun, Mexico in December 2010 except for one: “Governments agreed to work to stay below a two degree temperature rise”. This target can only be attained, if the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are reduced by 50% globally in the decades to come. For Europe there is a need of decreasing of the emissions by 60% until 2050. That means a rapid growth of all renewables especially of biomass, as the most important renewable energy source, to replace fossil fuels as the main cause of GHG.

The WBA has commissioned production of scientific reports on a number of key aspects of biomass to energy within a global perspective. One of the reports shows the huge global potential. Another describes how to exploit it sustainable.

This workshop introduces two tools:
  1. Certification Criteria for Sustainable Biomass for Energy and BioenergyConnect - a web based communication platform for capacity building and technology transfer.
  2. These tools are very useful for increasing the use of bioenergy and thus combatting the climate change.

NG Power & Renewables Summit Europe's website.