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2011 December 06

Let’s get serious-about the possibilities to reach the 2°C target

Let’s get serious - about the possibilities to reach the 2°C target
The Durban COP 17 meeting can still lead to significant change if we rethink the route. Let the concerned countries, willing to stop the climate change, move ahead reaching the 2 °C target by pledging to emit not more than 2 tons of C02/capita by 2040 and starting the change today. If no country exceed 2 t C02/capita by 2040, we have a chance to stop the global warming at 2°C

Let’s turn Durban and COP17 into the meeting that changed our view on how we create a common global climate movement. Instead of guarding positions leaving it to the unwilling to set the agenda, let us, the concerned people and countries, leave them behind and move forward. Durban must show that combating climate change is not about sharing burdens, it’s about sharing opportunities. By moving ahead we are preparing for the future. Those countries and business struggling to cling to the sinking fossil ship will pay dearly for this in the future. 

The science has already proven that there is no time left to postpone decisions on how to achieve the 2°C target. Each year lost is lost forever. We have seen that a process based on unanimous legal binding decisions is too slow to get these decisions in time. Therefore an additional initiative is needed, based on concerned countries, companies, individuals, who are ready to today set a roadmap to reach a 2 t C02/capita lifestyle in 2040. The presidency of the COP is asked to encourage interested countries to develop this initiative.

Everyone has to take responsibilities for their own actions. Let us, who are ready to take the step forward, do so. Lets start the movement today, not post - 2015 or post 2020. Let those of us, that are concerned, move forward.

Download the full paper Lets become serious and start the “Durban Initiative - Concerned countries moving ahead” 2°C – 2t C02/capita in 2040

Download this Press Release.

If you are at COP17, don't miss the Press Conference December 8, 13.30.

For more information, please contact:
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- Heinz Kopetz, email: , tfn +436506806988
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