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2012 December 04

Invitation to Press Conference: Carbon neutrality of sustainable biomass for energy at COP18

World Bioenergy Association will present a fact sheet on Carbon neutrality of biomass from forest at a press conference at COP 18 today.
Dr Heinz Kopetz, president of World Bioenergy Association, will hold the press conference. 

Time: 4 December 2012, 14.30 – 15.00 

Place: Press Conference 2 - Auditorium 1


WBA has started to launch a new series of fact sheet that intends to help to fill an important gap in the availability of objective and up-to-date information for decision-makers on bioenergy opportunities. In Doha at COP18 we will launch our fact sheet on the carbon neutrality of biomass from forest. This paper explains:
  • Why biomass is a carbon neutral energy source
  • Explains the main criteria of sustainable forestry
  • The role of forests in the natural carbon cycle as compared to fossil fuels
  • Why harvesting trees to replace fossil fuels is better for the climate than leaving them in the forests as carbon storage
  • The possible contribution of biomass from forest to the energy supply

This new fact-sheet is the 3rd of the WBA’s series of publications highlighting achievements and developments in modern bioenergy, with a view to increasing it’s recognition as an efficient, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, convenient and cheap alternative to fossil fuels.

All press conferences are webcast, unless otherwise noted, and can be accessed through this link.

Download the invitation (pdf).

For more information, please contact:

Heinz Kopetz, President WBA, +436506806988,
Karin Haara, Executive Director WBA, +46705432641,

Yesterday, 3 December, the International Hydropower Association, International Solar Energy Society, World Wind Energy Association and the World Bioenergy Association held the Press briefing:

"Towards 100 % Renewables - the Key Role of Communities". Watch the webcast.