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2014 April 18

WBA Press Release: Five Finalists for the World Bioenergy Award 2014

Finalists for World Bioenergy Award 2014
The five final candidates to the World Bioenergy Award 2014 are now chosen. One of them will be announced as the winner on June 3 at the opening session of World Bioenergy 2014 in Jönköping, Sweden. This is the third time that the World Bioenergy Award is presented. Don't miss the opportunity to meet the nominees at World Bioenergy! Read more and register here. Download the full press release here.

The Nominated 2014 in alphabetical order are:

Mr. Clyde Stearns, USA
Mr. Clyde Stearns is a well renowned bioenergy expert in the field of design and development of wood processing equipment. His and his teams work in developing densified wood fuel product has led to significant reduction in switching costs for power generators using white wood pellets. This is a significant step in assisting power producers to meet renewable energy targets.
Mr. Joaquín Reina Hernández, Spain
Mr. Joaquín Reina Hernández has contributed significantly in research, development and training in the bioenergy field since 2000 – especially in the biogas sector in Spain. Some of his research outcomes include the first biomethane production plant in 2004, first multipurpose biogas cleaning plant in 2008 as well as development of first module of CHP based on biomass gasification in 2009. With many publications in biogas and biomass, the practical applicability of his work has been recognized worldwide.
Mr. Jörgen Sandström, Sweden
Mr. Jörgen Sandström is currently Executive Officer, Business Development and External Relations, of Addax Bioenergy and has been one of the leading figure behind the unique Makeni project in Sierra Leone – the first CDM project in that country. The plant will produce ethanol along with green electricity and is a model project for cooperation between bioenergy investors and African community. He also has over 20 years’ experience in developing and managing complex projects with several international organizations and start – ups in Sweden.
Mr. Richard Sulman, Australia
Mr. Richard Sulman has made tremendous contributions in improving the efficiency of biomass harvesters which has led to the Bionic Beaver project. The developed harvester reduced the operational costs of biomass supply chain especially for short rotation crops. With persistence and personal financial sacrifice, he has assisted in shaping the future biomass supply chains.
Mr. Tony Bridgwater, UK
Mr. Tony Bridgwater is a pioneer in the field of bioenergy, especially in his contributions to thermal conversion of biomass. He was instrumental in developing bioenergy research by leading various research institutes including SUPERGEN Bioenergy as well as the recently launched EBRI (European Bioenergy Research Institute). For more than a quarter century, he has been actively involved in bioenergy and plays a key role in major EC funded projects.