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2015 February 15

WBA releases advanced biofuels factsheet

WBA Press release: Advanced biofuels factsheet launched
WBA releases advanced biofuels factsheet

The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is pleased to announce the release of the factsheet ‘Advanced Biofuels’ – the seventh in the series of publications. This succeeds the release of the summary of oil price drop survey conducted by WBA to understand the effects of oil price drop on bioenergy industry.
The WBA factsheet aims to provide better understanding of the advanced biofuels sector. This document is a continuation of our presentation of biofuels in the transport sector that started with the factsheet on biofuels for transport in March 2013. Details of technologies, feedstocks and products that make up the advanced biofuels sector are presented along with the current status of commercial production units.
The recent years has seen an increased focus on advanced biofuel production. The possibility to use a diverse range of feedstock for their production along with the compatibility with existing fossil fuel infrastructure, make them a viable alternative. However, their production has to complement the conventional biofuels and not replace them.” says WBA President Dr. Heinz Kopetz.
WBA opines that, in order to increase their overall market share, advanced biofuels must overcome remaining technical hurdles. Doing so will require stable regulatory regimes that promote investor backed financing of commercial – scale biorefinery capacity. If properly implemented, such a regulatory regime would level the playing field to allow advanced biofuels to provide cost-competitive fuels in a manner that results in immense environmental, economic, and national security advantages.
To download the complete factsheet, click here
To download the press release, click here.

The WBA is also pleased to share the summary of the oil price drop survey. WBA concludes that the majority of the bioenergy producers are struggling with lower investments, lower profit margins and less financial resources available for bioenergy development. To read the summary, click here.
For more information, please contact:
Heinz Kopetz, President WBA, +436506806988,
Karin Haara, Executive Director WBA, +46705432641,
Andrew Potter, Communications Director WBA, +442077136028
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