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2015 May 05

WBA welcomes new members in April 2015

Probstdorfer Saatzucht is a leading company in plant breeding and seed production in Austria. They are also breeding new varieties for poplars and willows as energycrops and are also specialised in planting these crops in central Europe. 

Nahwärme Holding Is a company specialized in the planning, construction of small and medium sized biomass district heating plants in different provinces of Austria. They create local companies with the participation of citizens of the region to operate the plants, the Holding is participating in these local heating plants. This concept combines the engagement of the local citizens with the experience of a professional company and proves to be  very succesful.It could be a positive example for other regions worldwide.  Nahwärme Holding consist of following 6 companies that joined WBA: Energiecontracting GmbH, St. Pölten, Austria Energiecontracting GmbH, Graz, Austria Energiecontracting GmbH, Thalgau Austria
HSH Nahwärme & Photovoltaik GmbH, Austria
Bioenergie Tirol Nahwärme GmbH, Austria
TB Harald Kaufmann GmbH, Austria