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2015 June 16

Fossil fuels have to be reduced by 50% until 2035 to reach the global climate targets

WBA Press release: G7 summit
WBA opinion on G7 summit 2015
The WBA board, during its meeting in Nairobi, discussed the results of the G7 summit on the future of renewable energy. The target towards a fossil free economy in this century gives an important signal to the renewable energy industry like bioenergy. Now a global road map is needed toward this target with clear milestones that correspond to the IPCC findings on climate mitigation. 

As president Heinz Kopetz put it: “The use of fossil fuels has to be reduced by 50% until 2035 in order to reach the 2°C target” 

As the demand for energy in Africa and other parts of the world is still growing, the policy makers have to create framework conditions that make attractive business cases for the fast development of all renewable technologies. Sustainable Biomass will play an important role in this future energy mix.

To download the press release, click here (docpdf)

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