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2015 June 25

New factsheet: Thermochemical gasification of biomass

WBA releases thermochemical gasification of biomass factsheet
The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is pleased to announce the release of the factsheet ‘Thermochemical Gasification of Biomass’ – the eight in the series of publications. This factsheet provides a concise overview of the technology, basics of gasification, feedstock and current global use. 

Thermochemical biomass gasification is a high temperature process to convert biomass into a clean fuel gas, which can be used for different purposes. Typical feedstock for gasification is: cellulosic biomass such as wood chips, pellets or wood powder, or agricultural byproducts like straw or husks. 

“Thermochemical gasification of biomass is an important technology for converting agriculture and forestry products and residues into various forms of energy. This technology has immense potential in industrial and developing countries for providing easily accessible and affordable electricity and heat. It is important to publicize this technology and present science based facts for increasing its uptake and this factsheet aims to do just that,” says WBA President Dr. Heinz Kopetz. 

This technology offers many advantages:
  • The gas can be used for heat and electricity generation, high temperature heat, transportation fuel and as raw material for chemical production
  • The technology has higher electrical efficiency than other conversion processes
  • The produced gas is well suited for cogeneration units as well as small scale gasifiers
WBA strongly supports the further development and deployment of thermal biomass gasification. To download the complete factsheet, click here

To download the press release, click here.

For more information, please contact: 

Heinz Kopetz, President WBA, +436506806988
Karin Haara, Executive Director WBA, +46705432641
Bharadwaj V Kummamuru, Project Officer WBA, +46767159785