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2024 January 24 - 2024 January 25

Bio360 Expo 2024

Date: 24 - 25, January 2024

Location: Nantes, France

Website: https://www.bio360expo.com/lang/en

Bio360 Expo’s mission is to spotlight and bring to the fore renewable and sustainable bio-solutions to lead us, at scale, out of the fossil cul-de-sac towards a circular bioeconomy. In short, to accelerate the Biotransition.

We all recognize the urgency of the task to address and reverse rising temperatures and ensure energy security through massive upscaling of renewables.  Solutions to decarbonise energy generation, transport, industry etc. such as biomass and wood-energy, waste recovery, biogas, biomethane, green hydrogen, liquid biofuels, co-product valorisation, biobased products must all be at the forefront of our response to tackling climate change and are equally at the forefront of what can be found at Bio360 Expo.

What to expect from Bio360 Expo 2024 ?

Building on its international outlook and scope, central to Bio360 Expo’s mission is to scan the horizon far and wide to identify and bring together leading international practitioners, entrepreneurs, scientists, decision makers, public bodies etc who are embracing and committed to the biotransition 

Bio360 Expo in a nutshell comprises a two day-exhibition dedicated to bioenergy and the bioeconomy, 400+ international exhibitors and 5000 professional participants, a rich programme of international conferences across 6 conference rooms, study tours the innovation competition … all key components of this stand-out event.

Take a closer look at Bio360 Expo - the event dedicated to accelerating the biotransition, by revisiting www.bio360expo.com

Bio360 Expo subscribes to the Biotransition Big Picture whereby our energetic and material needs are sourced renewably from within the biosphere, and where exploiting geospheric fossil resources is firmly assigned to the past.

As an event, Bio360 Expo continues to cement its position as the international meeting hub for those engaged in making the Biotransition a reality and pushes beyond the “single discipline” approach to actively exploring and highlighting the opportunities for sectoral cross-over between bioenergy in its solid, liquid and gaseous forms, CCU and CCS, biochar and the inter-related possibilities of biobased materials. Inherent to this outlook is the achievement of a truly circular economy whereby previously termed “waste” or by-products from one process cascade on to becoming a valuable resource for another. Many examples of this are in evidence on the stands or in the conferences: CO₂ from biogas upgrading for injection into recycled concrete or for microalgae growth, “waste” effluents for hydrothermal gasification (providing biomethane and also valuable phosphorous for agriculture) or for biohydrogen production or biochar production, biomass for displacing fossil fuels for industry, non-recyclable wastes for gasification and production of advanced liquid fuels, to name but a few.