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2024 June 21

WBA promotes bioenergy solutions at UN FAO GBEP Bioenergy Week

The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) 11th Bioenergy Week  was organized during 18 – 21 June, at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters, bringing together over 120 stakeholders from 27 nations, including country representatives, experts, industry leaders and researchers.The GBEP Bioenergy Week provided an important platform to exchange views, best practices, and lessons learned in meeting global energy needs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable bioenergy while safeguarding food security and environmental sustainability.


GBEP Theme: 
During the Bioenergy Week, participants engaged in high-level panel discussions on specific themes, such as policy and regulatory frameworks supporting the development and deployment of sustainable bioenergy, linkages between sustainable bioenergy and bioeconomy, and clean cooking solutions.

Youth Day: Ahead of the official opening, FAO hosted the first Bioenergy Youth Day, in partnership with the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA). Attended by more than 100 high school and university students, the event raised awareness among young people about the potential of sustainable bioenergy in addressing global challenges such as climate change, energy access, and rural development. The Youth Day also featured interactive sessions, workshops, and presentations by experts in the field of bioenergy, providing young participants with insights into feedstock production, conversion technologies, and the socio-economic impacts of sustainable bioenergy. WBA President Christian Rakos participated in a demonstration session where he showed the gasification cookstove along with densified biomass from a variety of agricultural residues. 

WBA Interventions: 
WBA also participated in 2 presentations and panel discussions on sessions including: 
  • Bioenergy for residue management and waste disposal
  • Enhancing access to modern clean energy: Bioenergy for clean cooking 

Bioenergy Statement: A cross-initiative coordination group on bioenergy convened by the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) issued a joint statement underscoring the significance of sustainable bioenergy in addressing climate change and critical development challenges. WBA endorsed the statement. Read the full joint statement here.