2024 April 19

Unlocking the Potential of Bio-CO2

Amidst the urgency of addressing climate change, innovative solutions are paramount to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. The Bio-CO2 Use and Removal 2024 conference, hosted by Bioenergy ry, the Bioenergy Association of Finland, served as a platform for industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders to convene, explore, and discuss the current status and future steps in promoting bio-CCU and carbon removal. As representatives of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA), we were privileged to participate in this landmark event, which brought together over 160 participants. 


Exploring Sustainable Strategies and Policy Frameworks 

The conference kicked off with a focus on the international and domestic policy framework and the development of the operating environment for carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage. Presentations delved into the political landscape surrounding Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDR), highlighting the need for innovative approaches and policy coherence to accelerate progress towards a carbon-neutral future both at the Finnish and EU levels. 


A highlight of the conference was the spotlight on Finland's great potential for biogenic carbon capture projects. Thirteen projects are already in the pipeline across the country, emphasizing Finland's commitment to offset its emissions. Robust CO2 infrastructure and logistics are essential to support the scale-up of these projects, particularly for scenarios where carbon dioxide cannot be utilized or stored near the capture facility.  


Exploring Financing Options and Bio-CCU Opportunities 

Throughout the conference, participants had the opportunity to explore project financing options for carbon removal and delve into the wide array of bio-CCU products and opportunities. Presentations highlighted the potential of bioenergy as a versatile tool for carbon dioxide utilization, showcasing various products and applications that can contribute to decarbonizing heavy industries such as aviation, trucking, etc. Additionally, the conference also provided valuable insights from a buyer perspective in CDR markets. This shed light on the considerations and priorities driving investment decisions in carbon removal efforts, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovative solutions. 


Key Takeaways and Future Directions 

As the conference concluded, key takeaways emerged, underscoring the importance of collaboration, innovation, and policy coherence in advancing bio-CCU and CDR initiatives. The recognition of bioenergy as an enabler of a sustainable energy transition, coupled with the imperative of accelerating progress towards a carbon-neutral future, highlighted the urgency of collective action. 


In conclusion, the Bio-CO2 Use and Removal 2024 conference provided a dynamic platform for exploring innovative solutions and charting a course toward a coordinated development of Bio-CCU and CDR initiatives. From the World Bioenergy Association's perspective, it reaffirmed our commitment to keep driving transformative change in the bioenergy sector.