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2024 March 18

WBA's Insights from REN21 Strategy Meeting

Driving Renewable Energy Transition Together
The World Bioenergy Association (WBA) recently participated in the REN21 Strategy Meeting, held alongside the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2024 in Berlin. This gathering was not just a conference; it was a pivotal moment where stakeholders from around the globe converged to shape the future of renewable energy and to celebrate REN 21’s 20th Anniversary as a global network. 
At the heart of our discussions lay the Strategy Development Meeting aimed at sculpting REN21's forthcoming strategy. With the theme of member-driven development, the meeting emphasized the importance of harnessing the collective wisdom and expertise of REN21's diverse membership, including our representation from the bioenergy sector.
One of the standout events during the meeting was the official side event co-hosted by REN21 and BMZ. This session, held on March 18th, delved into the intricacies of developing a resilient and inclusive economy fueled by renewables. Experts from various sectors, ranging from government and intergovernmental organizations to industry, civil society, and academia, came together to exchange insights and explore innovative approaches to advancing the global transition to renewable energy sources.
Throughout the deliberations, several key takeaways emerged. Firstly, the importance of a just transition that goes beyond mere technological advancements, but as a systematic transformation. Participants underscored the need for holistic strategies that prioritize socioeconomic aspects and ensure equitable access to the benefits of renewable energy. This resonated strongly with the ethos of the bioenergy sector, which not only provides clean energy but also supports local development.
Additionally, discussions revolved around the imperative of collaboration at a global scale. Participants emphasized the need for partnerships that transcend geopolitical boundaries and foster knowledge sharing and capacity building. Another crucial aspect highlighted during the meeting was the role of communication and advocacy in catalyzing the energy transition. Clear and unified messaging, grounded in shared values and objectives, was identified as essential for engaging stakeholders and mobilizing support at all levels, from local communities to international policymakers.
In conclusion, our experience at the REN21 Strategy Meeting reaffirmed the pivotal role of bioenergy in the broader context of renewable energy transition. As representatives of the bioenergy sector and part of the REN21 network, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise and networks to advance sustainable bioenergy solutions and contribute to a more resilient and inclusive energy future for all.