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2024 January 25

WBA convened leading industry stakeholders

Strategy workshop in Amsterdam 

According to numerous net zero pathways, Bioenergy is expected to play a leading role in the future energy mix. The role of biomass for energy, materials and chemicals is expected to grow rapidly ove the next few decades as countries around the world implement their programs towards net zero. Due to the nature of the sector, the bioenergy deployment can impact a significant amount of stakeholders around the world. It is critical for engaging a wide variety of stakeholders from industry, academia, governments and civil society for construtive discussions on the future growth of bioenergy.

To discuss the benefits and impacts of future bioenergy growth, the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) convened a wide range of stakeholders from end users, industry associations, research groups, technology developers, utilities etc. in the bioenergy sector. The event was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands during 23 – 24 January 2024. The group shared experiences with relevant stakeholder engagements as well as thoughts on upcoming challenges related to sustainability, competition for biomass, communication, etc.

WBA expresses our sincere gratitude to all the relevant participants.