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2024 June 25

Webinar 3: Role of Bioenergy in Atmospheric CO2 Removal

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Date: June 25, 2024

Time: 15:00 CEST

The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has now surpassed 420 parts per million, underscoring an alarming milestone in the human-induced warming of our planet. Last year, Earth’s average temperature was 1.48 degrees Celsius hotter than the pre-industrial average. To effectively address the climate crisis and avert catastrophic consequences, merely reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is not enough. The imperative extends beyond achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century; we must strive for a transition to net-negative emissions. This needs the integration of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies as a fundamental aspect of our climate mitigation efforts.

To address this issue, widespread implementation of CDR technologies is required. Among the foremost CDR methodologies is Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). This technique involves capturing carbon dioxide during the conversion of biomass into heat, electricity, or fuels, subsequently sequestering it in geological formations. Notably, BECCS stands out as the only CDR approach that also provides renewable energy.

The World Bioenergy Association, in partnership with Bioenergy International, is pleased to invite you to the webinar "Role of Bioenergy in Atmospheric CO2 Removal". The session will provide valuable insights into BECCS-related projects from around the world. It will also cover the latest changes in policies, regulations, finance, and technology within the industry. The goal is to enhance our understanding of this topic through the contributions of leading industry representatives and experts. The urgency and importance of developing and deploying such technologies are increasing, making this webinar an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.