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2024 April 30

Webinar 2: The Future of Liquid Biofuels

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April 30, 2024
Time: 15:00 CEST

Global climate targets are off-track and industry CO2 emissions -still heavily dependent on fossil fuels- are a major driver. On the rise of renewable energy development and the need for cleaner technologies, biofuels emerge as a compelling alternative to conventional fossil fuels, offering a viable pathway towards greener and more sustainable industrial sectors.

The most recent IEA Report “Renewables 2023” highlights a 23% growth in total biofuel demand, reaching 200 billion liters by 2028. Notably, renewable diesel and ethanol are projected to constitute two-thirds of this growth, with biodiesel and bio-jet fuel comprising the remaining portion. IRENA, under its 1.5°C Scenario by 2050, projects that biofuels would represent about 13% of the fuel mix in the transport sector only.

The webinar, "The Future of Liquid Biofuels," organized by the World Bioenergy Association in collaboration with Bioenergy International, aims to thoroughly explore the pivotal role of liquid biofuels in reducing GHG emissions in the different sectors such as transport and off-grid energy, among others. The session will emphasize their importance across the road, maritime, aviation, and off-grid sectors, delving into different biofuel solutions such as bioethanol, biodiesel, HVO, DME, and others. Industry experts will provide insights into the latest developments in technologies, policies, and markets, and address the crucial question of the complementary role of liquid biofuels in an increasingly electrified energy mix.