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2023 October 31

Webinar - Developing pellet production in Central and South America

Date: 31 October 2023

The recent webinar on the development of pellet production in Latin American industry brought together leading experts from the Chilean Biomass Association, Pellet Mx, Andritz, and Prodesa Group, offering a comprehensive insight into the industry's evolution in the region. 


The Chilean Biomass Association shared crucial statistics regarding the Chilean Pellet Market and discussed policy developments related to bioenergy and wood pellets. Pellet Mx provided statistics on the Mexican market and demonstrated their adaptability in different regions and with various biomass sources. On the technical side, Andritz unveiled their visionary approach for future biomass pelleting plants, exploring various raw materials and introducing innovative alternatives to traditional pellets, highlighting that new materials could yield different end products. In the same line, Prodesa Group, renowned for its engineering expertise in pellet processing, detailed the behavior of diverse materials such as bagasse, wood, peanut hulls, and agave within their pelletizing equipment.   


Collectively, these insights highlighted the dynamic and evolving nature of the Latin American pellet industry, highlighting opportunities for innovation and collaboration in this growing sector. 



About World Bioenergy Association - Presentation

Rodrigo O’Ryan, Chilean Biomass Association - Presentation

Oscar Mijares, Pellet México - Presentation

Nicolas Bouziot, Andritz - Presentation

Forcus Martinez, Prodesa - Presentation