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2023 September 26

Webinar - Green cooking as key for deploying modern bioenergy

Date: 26 September 2023

In this webinar, we delved into the urgent need for cleaner, more sustainable cooking solutions, emphasizing innovations that can help us move away from damaging traditional cooking methods. We were joined by four prominent experts who shared their journey in developing environmentally friendly, gasifying cookstoves, highlighting the innovations that are shaping the future of green cooking.

These industry leaders showcased how green cooking technologies are on the rise, ready to surpass the old, harmful practices of burning biomass. Each of them introduced their designs, discussed their work’s reach, shared the challenges they encountered, and laid out their plans for advancing their initiatives.

Covering topics from inventive biomass pellets and state-of-the-art biomass stoves to modern IoT platforms that facilitate earning carbon credits, the webinar offered a wealth of insights into diverse solutions aimed at transforming the cooking experiences of nearly one-third of the global population still dependent on traditional fuels and methods for cooking.

It served as an eye-opener, presenting a range of possibilities and steering us towards a future where sustainable cooking is accessible to all, merging modern technology with environmental stewardship. 



About World Bioenergy Association - Presentation

Dave Lello, Ekasi Energy - Presentation

Mattias Ohlson, Emerging Cooking Solutions - Presentation

Ruben Walker, African Clean Energy - Presentation

Tom Price, Ecosafi - Presentation