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2023 October 31

Webinar 7 - Developing pellet production in Central and South America

Date: 31st October 2023  

Time: 15.00 CET


In recent years, the demand in pellet production has been steadily rising, driven by the increasing global demand for renewable energy solutions. By converting biomass into energy-dense pellets, a more efficient and sustainable approach for the energy transformation can be realized.  

One of the regions that are particularly suitable for pellet production is Central and South America. Abundant biomass resources (e.g. agricultural residues & forest by-products) as well as the urgent need for decarbonizing end use sectors including industries offers tremendous potential for utilizing sustainable biomass pellets. With the development of pellet production in these regions, there is an opportunity for them to contribute to the global transition towards more sustainable energy sources. 

In this regard, the World Bioenergy Association is pleased to partner with Bioenergy International and organizing the webinar “Developing pellet production in Central and South America which seeks to shed light on the progress made in the region's pellet production sector, examining the latest technological advancements, investment opportunities, and policy frameworks that promote its development. 


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