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2023 November 30 - 2023 December 12


Date: 30 Nov - 12 Dec, 2023

Location: Expo City Dubai, UAE

WBA is an accredited NGO observer to the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). As an organization with a mission for bioenergy advocacy at global level, COP climate conferences are an important platform for us. WBA has attended all the COP events since our inception in 2008. COP28 will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during November 30 – December 12, 2023. Following are official websites with latest information on the logistics for the event: 


WBA Itinerary

03rd December 2023

Press Conference – The crucial role of bioenergy in a 1.5°C future

Time: 09.30 - 10.00

LocationRoom 2, Zone B6 – Building 77  

The main goal of this session is to share crucial messages that strengthen the global adoption of bioenergy. Moreover, this press conference seeks to encourage discussions aimed at forging collaborative pathways and synchronized efforts across diverse contexts. These efforts align with the Global Stocktake, a significant element to be showcased at this COP, where bioenergy is anticipated to play a key role in achieving a just transition towards sustainable energy. 


Side Event - Rapidly mobilizing renewable energy resources for a just global energy transformation

Time: 18.30 – 20.00

Location: SE Room 6 

The side event will share the progress of renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and biomass) towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement as part of the Global Stocktake as well as steps needed to increase the scale and pace of deployment through international collaboration. Speakers will represent leading international renewable energy associations and experts working at different geographical levels in renewable energy deployment. Following the presentations, the panellists and audience will discuss how to replicate and scale up these best practice cases. 

04th – 06th December 2023

Exhibition SpaceBioenergy

Time: 09.00 – 16.00

Location: Booth 35

The WBA will share the progress of bioenergy sector in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement as part of the Global Stocktake as well as the opportunity from a rapid and massive deployment of sustainable bioenergy technologies in a just energy transformation for improved health and environment

05th December 2023

Panel DiscussionMobilizing biomass sustainably for meeting global climate goals

Time: 10.00 – 12.00

Location: REA UK Pavilion

To scale up bioenergy in a sustainable way, the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) and the UK Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) are pleased to invite you to the ‘Sustainable Bioenergy’ event to be held at the REAction pavilion on 05th October in the Blue Zone of COP28. At the event, leading industry associations in the bioenergy sector including solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels will share the development in individual regions on the topic of sustainability. The stakeholders will also discuss how sustainability can be secured in mobilizing biomass at scale for not only energy purposes but also for chemical and material use.


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