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2023 June 12

SB58 Side Event

The leading global associations of World Bioenergy Association (WBA), World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and International Solar Energy Society (ISES) organized an event at the UNFCCC SB58 event to highlight the latest challenges and opportunities in mobilization of our societies for the upscaling of RE technologies at the pace and scale required. The latest data on renewable energy deployment was presented along with case studies showcasing the multiple socio-economic benefits of mobilization of RE technologies in various regions. How can the necessary changes be fulfilled from the perspective of renewables suppliers and how to mobilise society in general? What role will technology play, how important are new alliances between renewables and the climate movement?

The recording of the event is available here: Link


  • Stefan Gsänger, World Wind Energy Association
  • Christian Rakos, World Bioenergy Association*
  • Dave Renne, International Solar Energy Society
  • Julie Ducasse, Climate Action Network, CAN International 

*Joining virtually