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2023 April 25

WBA Webinar - Bioenergy and EU Energy Security

Date: 25th April 2023

Time: 11.00 CET


Bioenergy is the largest renewable energy source in the EU. The sector provides renewable and sustainable energy to various end use sectors including electricity, heating and cooling, as well as transport fuels. 

The current war in Ukraine has shown the fragility of our current energy system due to its dependence on conventional fossil fuel systems. At the same time, the resilience of the renewable energy sector, especially bioenergy has shown how, in the current energy crisis, the sector has played a key role in providing reliable and continuous supply of energy to millions of citizens in the European Union. As we move towards meeting the ambitious energy and climate goals of the EU, it is critical to sustainably scale up the contribution of bioenergy technologies and solutions.

In this regard, the current critical role of bioenergy technologies in providing energy security and meeting socio economic conditions such as jobs, energy price and local economic development was highlighted in the webinar ‘Critical role of bioenergy in ensuring EU energy security’. The event was jointly hosted by World Bioenergy Association and Bioenergy International – the leading English trade publication of the sector. 


  • Jean Marc Jossart, Secretary General, Bioenergy Europe - Link
  • Christian Rakos, President, World Bioenergy Association - Link
  • Virgilijs Dirma, Director, Lithuania Biomass Energy Association (LITBIOMA) - Link
  • Georgiy Geletukha, Chairman of Board, Ukrainian Biomass Energy Association (UABIO) - Link

Alan Sherrard, Editor In Chief, Bioenergy International - Link


Watch the recording below or on YouTube by clicking here: Link