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2023 March 14

WBA Webinar - Biomethane

Date: 14th March 2022

Time: 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM CET 


There has never been greater interest in biomethane than at the current time. Increased climate ambition, with net zero emissions commitments covering around 85% of global GHG emissions requires that all viable emissions reduction technologies are harnessed.

A significant scale up in biomethane production represents a “low hanging fruit” solution in this context. It’s based on mature technology, provides a renewable fuel that is compatible with existing uses of natural gas in sectors where emissions are hard to abate, and is suitable to replace petroleum products in long haul transport. Wider benefits in aiding waste management, supporting rural development, offering an additional revenue stream for the agricultural sector and the production of co-products, further support the expansion. 

Biomethane Vision Document – a 5-point plan for scaling up biomethane globally

The webinar will include a scene setting presentation which will highlight the recommendations from the Biomethane Vision Document. This will be followed by interventions from leading trade associations, industry, and research bodies working in the field of biogas and biomethane. They will delve deeper into the various opportunities for biomethane as well as share the latest developments in policies, technology, and research. 


Presentation of the WBA Biomethane Vision Document 
  • Pharoah Le Feuvre, Market and Strategy Analysis Manager, Enagás, Spain
Role of policy and regulations (interventions – 5 minutes each)
  • Peter Zeniewski, Lead Gas Analyst, International Energy Agency 
  • Giulia Laura Cancian, Secretary General, European Biogas Association
  • Dirk Bonse, Head of Department Renewable Gases, Fachverband Biogas 
  • Gaurav Kumar, Chairman, Indian Biogas Association
  • Jinlei Feng, Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 
Role of technology and market development (interventions – 5 minutes each)
  • Jonas Svendsen, SVP Head of Innovation and Trading, Nature Energy 
  • K R Raghunath, Founder and CEO, KIS Group 
  • Jesse Scharf, President, ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry)
  • Jan Liebetrau, Head of Department Consulting and Research, Rytec GmbH 
  • Christian Cuenot, VP Biomethane & Bio – LNG, Varo Energy

Audience Q&A