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2022 September 20

Indian Bioenergy and Climate Change Forum 2022

Date: 20 September 2022

Location: Welcome Hotel Rama International, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in association with World Bioenergy Association (WBA) invites you for Indian Bioenergy and climate change Forum 2022 – an international conference on Tuesday, 20 September 2022, at 09.00 hrs Welcome Hotel Rama International, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The event will convene market leaders in supply chain of biomass conversion to bioenergy including companies in pellet production, briquetting, heat/steam users and discussion on various climate change initiatives  

India is a major player in the global energy scenario. Biomass already plays an important role in increasing renewable share in transport (bioethanol and biodiesel), cooking (biogas), heating and electricity (solid biomass such as bagasse, pellets, briquettes). Significant targets for renewable energy, favourable economic policies to promote deployment, abundant feedstock and broad public and political support, offer a tremendous opportunity for rapid and large-scale deployment of bioenergy in the country.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/6TMW4eLJikMxsZ7z6


09.00   Registrations open

09.30   Welcome and Introductory Remarks by organizers 

Representatives from the host organizers (World Bioenergy Association and Confederation of Indian Industries) will deliver welcome remarks to the audience followed by a keynote speech from a national or state government representative.

10.00   Status of bioenergy development and role in future scenarios  

The current deployment of bioenergy technologies (including solid biomass, liquid biofuels and biogas) will be presented by leading experts from leading organizations including IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), Clean Access Network, Bioenergy Europe and World Bioenergy Association. 

11.00   Status of Indian bioenergy in technology development and industry 

Industry experts in deployment of bioenergy technologies in end sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture etc. will share their decades long project experience of providing clean and sustainable energy to various sectors 

11.45   Session Cooking: Case study of clean cooking solutions in India 

Leading entrepreneurs in the entire value chain of waste biomass feedstock to clean cooking energy will share their experiences in deploying clean cooking solutions in India and will address issues with cookstoves, fuels and business models 

12.30   Advancements in Renewable Energy Technologies 

Leading industry and research experts in renewable energy technologies including solar, wind, biofuels, biogas, microgrids, e – vehicles, storage etc. will share the latest advancements in commercialization of key RE technologies 

13.15   Concluding remarks