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2022 April 12

Webinar: Pellet plants in developing economies

Wood pellets are one of the leading renewable and sustainable solution for meeting the demands for the global clean energy transformation. Currently, millions of tonnes of wood pellets are utilized for providing clean energy for heating, electricity, and cooking all over the world. Much of the production and consumption of wood pellets occurs in developed economies such as USA, Canada, EU, Japan etc. and the use is currently in large scale power plants and the residential heating sector, However, there is an increasing opportunity for producing pellets from agro and forest residues in emerging economies in Asia, Africa, Latin America for use in heating, electricity as well as cooking. 

Together with the trade publication Bioenergy International, World Bioenergy Association organised a webinar on ‘Pellet plants in developing economies – a prerequisite for advanced biomass cooking’. Project developers from Africa, Asia and Latin America shared their experiences in planning, building and operating pellet facilities.
You can download the presentations by clicking on the speaker name below: 


The event was moderated by Christian Rakos, President, World Bioenergy Association 

You can watch the recording by clicking below or viewing it on YouTube: Link