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2021 November 29 - 2021 December 09

IEA Bioenergy Triannual Conference

Date: 29 November - 9 December


This event features a series of online sessions spread over two weeks between 29 November and 9 December 2021. The central theme is the role of biomass in the transition towards a carbon neutral society.

The IEA Roadmap ‘Net Zero Emissions by 2050’ recognizes bioenergy as an important option, representing 18% of total energy supply in 2050, and playing a major role to reach carbon neutrality of the global energy system, either through the direct replacement of fossil fuels, or to offset emissions indirectly through the combined use of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage/utilisation.

An increasing role of biomass/biofuels would be needed in industry, transport as well as heat and power production. The conference sessions will consider latest developments and prospects of biomass/bioenergy in different sectors, as well as sustainable feedstock mobilisation and the role of biomass in a circular bio-economy.

There will be one or two sessions of 2 hours per day. Each day will be dedicated to a central topic, see the agenda below.

On-line participation is free of charge, but pre-registration is required.