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2020 April 28

COVID – 19 and impact on global bioenergy sector

COVID - 19 Survey

The COVID – 19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented health crisis around the world. The social and health impacts of the pandemic are quite evident. At the same time, the energy industry is experiencing a shock like never before as markets, companies and entire economies are reeling from the effects of reduced demand and disruptions to the supply chains.

Countries have realized the critical importance of energy security and the essential need for continuous supply of electricity and heat to end consumers. In this regard, liquid biofuels, biogas, pellets and wood chips etc. for heat and electricity currently provide essential and on demand energy. As governments around the world are responding to the pandemic with recovery packages, it is important to keep in mind the biggest threat being faced by humanity: climate change. Bioenergy and other renewable energy sources should be the central pillar of governments’ plans to stimulate economic growth as well as accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

To better understand the effects of the global pandemic on the bioenergy sector and to inform national and regional governments along with international agencies during the time of recovery, WBA is requesting all bioenergy businesses to respond to the Survey: COVID – 19 and impact on global bioenergy sector. All bioenergy stakeholders including equipment manufacturers, liquid biofuel producers, biogas producers, utilities, pellets, woodchips and other solid biofuel producers, EPC companies etc. are invited to respond.

The responses will be aggregated and presented to policy makers. Individual responses will not be shared. Click next to start the survey. They survey should take about 10 minutes. For queries, please contact us at

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Link to the Survey: Link