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2019 November 18

Call for Nominations to WBA Board

A new WBA Board will be elected in the next Steering Committee meeting to be held during April/May 2020. The Nominating Committee is currently preparing the list of board members and we need you to nominate candidates for the WBA board. The current list of board members is available here: Link

Information about responsibilities of Board Members is available here: Board Guidelines
The WBA Board supports the mission of WBA to promote the sustainable utilization of biomass globally. The board is requested to participate actively in the working of the organization by attending board meetings and to keep in regular touch with the secretariat. The board members also contribute to WBA activities by contributing information to newsletters, reports and press releases. They represent WBA in different regions by attending conferences and giving speeches. The board member is elected usually for a period of 2 years.
If interested, please submit your proposal of candidate(s) latest by November 29, 2019 by sending an email to with the following information. Self nominations are also accepted. 
Subject: Nomination to WBA Board 2020


Email ID:
Phone number:

Why should the candidate be in WBA Board (2 – 3 lines)?
Please attach a brief CV/profile of the nominee along with the mail. 

Kind regards,
On behalf of the NC and the convenor Gustav Melin,
WBA Secretariat