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2019 May 14

Annual Report 2018

World Bioenergy Association had a good year in 2018. We continued our mission of promoting sustainable bioenergy globally and to support the business environment for bioenergy.

In 2018, we continued to provide service to our members and invited new companies, associations and individuals to join our association. We continued our collaborations with international partners in jointly promoting the sustainable development of renewable energy technologies and at the same time, explored new collaboration possibilities. We participated in various bioenergy events worldwide as speakers, panellists or participants. We published factsheets, newsletters, statistics reports and country mission reports to inform our membership and the wider global audience on the developments in the bioenergy sector. We organized successful trade missions. We became global by setting up branch offices around the world. We ended the year with a note of optimism based on our strong membership base and the focused work plan on promoting bioenergy.

To download the annual report, click here: Link