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2017 December 21

Lantmännen joins World Bioenergy Association as Silver Supporter

WBA is pleased to welcome Lantmännen as silver supporter of WBA. Lantmännen is one of the largest producers of bioenergy products and sustainable energy in Sweden, owned by 25 000 Swedish farmers and with a total turnover of 4 billion Euros.

As an international player in sustainable businesses, we are confident that our partnership will bring values to WBA’s and Lantmännen’s missions. The challenges connected to climate change and sustainable energy are global and we believe that the collaboration with WBA is a good platform for our common interests in that perspective” – says Alarik Sandrup, Director Public and Regulatory Affairs at Lantmännen, and board member of WBA.

The energy business areas of Lantmännen are Lantmännen Agroetanol, Lantmännen Aspen, Lantmännen Reppe and Lantmännen Agrovärme. Lantmännen is also a 50 percent owner of Scandbio, Sweden's largest manufacturer of solid processed wood fuels. These companies produce a wide range of products including sustainable ethanol, district heating, solid wood fuels, protein feed, glucose syrup among others. Lantmännen has its headquarters in Stockholm and many of its operations in Sweden, but has more than half of its turnover in markets outside Sweden.

 “WBA, as the global organization, is able to analyse bioenergy processes and developments in different regions and countries. This allow us to disseminate success stories and ensure transfer of technologies all over the world. Such activity of the WBA brings value to companies with international approach, also speeding up the global bioenergy development. Therefore, I am extremely happy, that such a leading company as Lantmännen joining the WBA as supporter, will strengthen all the related processes.” – says Remigijus Lapinskas, President, WBA

The brand promise of Lantmännen is ‘Together we take responsibility from field to fork’.  The focus for the company is ensuring profitability for its members, the Swedish farmers, and sustainable business development within the four sectors agriculture, machinery, food and bioenergy. This ambitious mission is similar to the WBA mission on the sustainable development of bioenergy

We are glad to welcome Lantmännen. The company is a leader in food and agriculture sectors, but is also an important player in the biofuels sector with the Lantmännen Agroetanol biorefinery in Norrköping. With the addition of Lantmännen to our silver supporter which also includes Agrana (Austria), WBA is confident that these new partnerships will promote our mission of increasing sustainable biofuels in the transportation sector” – says Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, WBA

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