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2009 August 12

IRENA excludes nuclear power, to support renewables only

Magnus Ånstrand
Nuclear power is not on IRENA:s agenda and oilproducers will have to look into renewable energy options because the oil will run out, Interim Director-General of IRENA, Ms. Hélène Pelosse says in an interview with Reuters.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will not support nuclear energy programmes because it's a long complicated process, it produces waste and is relatively risky,' Helene Pelosse, director general of IRENA, told Reuters in a telephone interview from the French Alps.

IRENA with its 136 member states, is aimed at supporting global development of renewable energy. 'Renewable energy is a better alternative and a faster, less expensive alternative [than nuclear power], especially with countries blessed with so much sun for solar plants,' Pelosse said. In July the members of IRENA voted for the headquarters of the agency to be located in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. 'I think being in the UAE is a strong positive symbol and a message to the world that even oil producing nations are looking at renewable energy,' Pelosse continued in the interview.

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