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2010 December 06

PRESSRELEASE - WBA's message to COP16

Certification Criteria for Sustainable Biomass for Energy Necessary to Create a Global Market
World Bioenergy Association has shown that there is a potential to mobilise biomass for energy worldwide in quantities sufficient to meet global energy demand. 
Biomass can be used both for electricity, heat and transport fuels. A strong development of the bioenergy sector will require trade in biomass and in fuels, like liquid biofuels and pellets. 

In a position paper WBA presents minimum universal certification criteria for sustainable biomass for energy. These criteria are based on scientific research carried out by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 

The criteria cover all areas of sustainability - environmental, social and economic. They can be applied to all types of biomass for energy – from forestry, agriculture, waste, and others. 

WBA president Kent Nystrom comments the position paper:
  • With growing trade and demand the bioenergy industry will have to present proof that production is done in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way. This can be done by certification. The industry, both suppliers and users of biomass for energy, urgently need a set of criteria on a global level. Otherwise trade in bioenergy may be slowed down.
  • We are aware that other initiatives have been taken, e.g. by ISO. But the ISO process is time-consuming. WBA offers a set of criteria that can be implemented already in the short term.

Position paper and Background reports:
  • WBA Position Paper: Certification Criteria for Sustainable Biomass for Energy
  • SLU Report: Certification Criteria for Sustainable Biomass for Energy
  • SLU Report: Biomass for Energy versus Food and Feed, Land Use Analyses and Water Supply
The position paper and reports can be downloaded here.
Download this Pressrelease as pdf.

For more information and comments, please contact: 

Kent Nystrom, President of WBA +46 706 768 538
Karin Haara, Executive Director of WBA, +52 1 9981083793, +46 705 432 641 
Svetlana Ladanai, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) +46 73 5165016