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2012 November 14

WBA continues to highlight bioenergy opportunities by publishing the second fact sheet on Biomass CHP

This second fact sheet concerns the application of combined heat and power (CHP) technology in connection to district or industrial heating / cooling systems.
 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology offers undeniable opportunities to improve the efficiency in energy conversion of biomass by a factor of between two to three fold when compared to electricity production alone.

The application of Biomass CHP technologies in parallel with the construction of new district heating/cooling grids, offers a superior and more efficient heating/cooling delivery mechanism, especially within more densely populated areas. 

In less densely populated areas, pellets or wood chips are an attractive way to replace fossil fuel heating systems on a house by house basis which was the subject of the first WBA fact sheet (Small scale biomass heating systems) 

When considering the advantages of renewable heat based on biomass, here are some important points to consider:
  • Decreased cost to the consumer in many parts of the world
  • A cost efficient and potentially sustainable way to reduce Green House Gas emissions
  • Less dependency on imported fossil fuel sources
  • Improved air quality by comparison to CHP solutions with district heating grids
  • The creation of new jobs including supply chain for biomass to heat

Yet, renewable heat based on biomass is developing far too slow in order to attain sufficient reductions of GHG emissions. Stronger incentives should be presented to ensure the private and business sectors fully exploit renewable alternatives to heating.

Therefore the WBA recommends an integrated policy strategy for renewable heat and electricity in combination with the support of new district heating grids to ensure the increased efficiency of CHP technology is not overlooked.

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